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Galapagos and Guayaquil

October 24 -31, 2001

We were supposed to go to Machu Pichu with our group from Atlas Travel but wound up making a two day tour of Guayaquil, Ecuador instead.  The short story is don't let your passport get stolen!  See Unplanned Tour of Guayaquil for the long version.

However, Joan and I had a wonderful time in the Galapogos aboard the Tropic Sun with our group of 28 plus a fun group of younger (any one 40 and under is young:) folks from all over the world to bring the total guest count to about 38.   It was truly a memorable experience with a full schedule which for me included some Scuba diving.  I believe I was the first and a test case for a diving program they are planning to add.

I have organized the photos by critter rather than by day.  I have included a map with our stops and the date noted in red.  Just click on any of the items below to see the pictures and then click on "up" in the navigation bar on the left margin of the page to return to this page.

Note: For now I am just going to dump in pictures and let the viewer do the ID.  See if you can guess on which island the picture was taken.  Prizes to be awarded at the picture party.  Send your entries to Jim Moore





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