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Hunting - Information, maps and pictures related to hunting at Marshlands

The Beaver Dam - Photos of recent beaver activity

Great Marsh Catwalk Project - Pictures and engineering details of a 480' catwalk spanning the lower marsh

Just got some false color satellite imagery from Space Imaging, Inc.  This is at 1 m resolution in three bands of false color infra red so that red represents the near IR (live vegetation), Green represents red, and blue represents green.  Therefore vegetation will show up red and cut fields will be greenish blue.   The data I purchased was taken by the Ikonos satellite on 7 September, 2002 and therefore some of the clearing for the catwalk is very much in evidence.  At this time only a path was cleared to relocate the property wire that was put around the property in the mid 50's.

This data is in the form of a GEO referenced Tiff file and so I could superimpose GPS track data on the image.  The complete data set covers a 7 x 7 km area centered on Marshlands.  The Marshlands Satellite image and trail map is a subset of this data and will take about 4 minutes to load over a typical dialup connection.