DXpedition to Chuuk and Palau

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QSL card via W3ASA

Well it wasn't really a DXpedition as the primary objective was to "get wet", i.e. go scuba diving.  Hit the "up" link to see all the pictures of Chuuk and Palau from a scuba diving perspective.

I brought along my FT100D which turned out to be completely redundant at the PPR but did enable us to operate MM from the Odyssey during our surface intervals. Steve MM.jpg (57931 bytes) Thanks to K2QBV, Joel in NY for doing phone patches to my wife, Joan who so graciously let me go on this trip!

We moved the radio from the Pilot house to the Bar/dining room to get out of the way of Capt. Lenny, who graciously let us use his HF whip.  This had an auto tuner so all we needed was about 50' of RG8X and we were QRV from the Bar!Radio in bar.jpg (64745 bytes)

The following week we flew from Chuuk to Palau via Guam.  At the Palau Pacific Resort we had a complete Ham stationPPR rm 214.jpg (54946 bytes) available in Room 214, which is located in the high rent district of the PPR.  Also, when I checked in I received my room keys and a Station license for T88JO! LicenseT88JO.jpg (40192 bytes)

The PPR is located on Ngerekebesang Island.  A topographic map shows the location of PPR and T88JO's Antennae.  Note that we have a great shot to the south but somewhat blocked by hills to the North and East

We found all the coax for the antennas under a false floor in the closet and that evening the Yaseu equipment appeared in two custom cabinets that also served as operating tables.  

The antennas consisted of a Force 12, WARC rotateable dipole, vertical vert ant.jpg (16750 bytes) and assorted dipoles as well as a 6m beam.f12foliage.jpg (17818 bytes)  There is even a coax switch Ant swtch.jpg (20794 bytes) back behind the laundry that presumably you could use your own antennas via the spare coax that runs to the antenna farm on a hill behind PPR (bear right off the nature trail just before the WW II bomb crater).

Thanks to Steve Herman, K7USJ, an AP correspondent based in Japan for all his help with information on operating from Palau.  Also, thanks to Dave, W3WKP, for his help in spending my money on equipment!

73's Jim & Steve

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