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Truk/Palau Dive Trip

April 28 - May 13

Paul Highland of Diver's Den North organized his big trip for this year to Truk lagoon for a week on the live aboard, The Odyssey, followed up by a week at the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR), a five star resort on Ngerekebesang Island in the Republic of Palau. No, I don't have a clue as to how to pronounce the name of the island!

In January there was one opening left for the trip so I signed up with my wife, Joan's, encouragement.  For me this was a trip of a lifetime diving wise as I only had about 70 dives logged since getting certified in November, 1990.  The group consisted of 14 experienced divers, one bubble watcher and me.

A secondary activity of the trip was Ham Radio.  So in addition to all the dive equipment I brought along portable radio equipment which enabled Steve Young (N3IDP) and me(W3ASA) to operate maritime mobile while aboard the Odyssey in Truk (note the politically correct name is Chuuk).  Also arrangements were made to operate as T88JO from the PPR.

The map below, courtesy of Continental Airlines, shows where we went.  Click on Truk or Palau to link to more detailed maps.  Yes, it is a long way; 7,993 miles from Worcester to Blue Lagoon Resort where the Odyssey was anchored, and 8,652 miles to the Palau Pacific Resort.  Palau is about 1200 miles due East of Truk.

Jim Moore (web page author) and Bill Waddington (dive Buddy)  with Eten Island (State of Chuuk) in the background.




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