GPS Data   

Below are links to MapSource files that include track data recorded by myself ("Executive team") using the Garmin III+ and by Jamie (A Team) using the Garmin eTrex.  The III+ has more bells and whistles but does not log altitude whereas the eTrex does.

These files contain three types of data:

  • Waypoints which are named in two formats, CO# which are from the '98 ride and have no significance other than we must have been there and d#Dt#, where d# is the day and t# is the turn number on the route sheet.

  • Saved Tracks which are compressed track data and missing the time and speed info.

  • Active track log which are the full track as recorded and includes time and speed.

Note right click the links to save the target file if you don't have these file types registered on your PC otherwise left click to open the file on this page.

File Size Comments
CO-D1.mps 64 KB Day 1 active track log with Garmin III+
CO-D2.mps 32 KB Day 2 active track log with Garmin III+
CO-D3.mps 65 KB Day 2 active track log with Garmin III+
CO-D3-Jamie.mps 75 KB 7/29 - 7/31 saved trk logs and 7/31 active log
CO-D3-Jamie3.mps 90 KB 7/29 - 8/3 saved trk logs and 8/3 active log
CO-D6.mps 64 KB 8/1 - 8/2 saved trk logs Day 6 active track log with Garmin III
CO-D3-Jamie.xls 451 KB Excel 2000 spreadsheet with raw data and Profile examples

With the MapSource application track and waypoint data can be exported as a text file then imported into Excel or any other appropriate application.  The xls file above is based on data from the CO-D3-Jamie.mps and is used to generate the profiles shown on some of the topo detail pages