Here are pictures taken Tuesday, Feb 19, during the Vallee Blanc run with Janet A

Jean and Janet coming out of the snow tunnel at the top

Our guide, Francois

Roped up and ready to go with the "don't step on ze rope" mantra from our guide

What we climbed down

Off with the crampons and on with the skis

Where we are headed

Yes that's a crevasse and where I stopped after having inadvertently passed the lead guide

Those four black dots are the cable cars that go across the glacier to Italy.  Not running in the winter.



Our guide pointing out where he skis on his days off

Down here and hang a left at the first crevasse

Yours truly and Jean

Catching our breaths


and don't lean back, Tom

there you go

and still upright

I am sure there is way over to that refuge somewhere!

Jean, Janet, and ?(French)

We aren't going to the refuge after all

Tom coming out of the clouds

Lunch stop - finally

Jean and Tony


we came down through that ice fall somewhere!

Warren, Tony, and Tom

Clouds are beginning to roll in - maybe this is why Francois was pushing us.

Our group, l to r: François Warren, Jean, Janet, Tom, ? , Tony, and Jean-Louis

The Mountenuer Hotel

Need to square up the steps a bit with the ice axe

Of course we could have just skied down this!

Looks like a long climb!

Do I have too??

Guess so, unless you want to spend the night here