PSK31 sound cards



  • Digital modes: All it takes is a PC with sound card and an interface to a transceiver.  In March , 2002 I started playing with these modes and settled on PSK31 as the obvious mode for narrow band work and most likely to replace CW and RTTY.  All the others seem to be novelties at best with no real practicle application other than being fun to play with.  Came across an interesting problem with my soundcards that I have put together a bunch of screen shots and descriptive text.

The main station is at Marshlands however as of Oct 18, 2001 I have set up a minimal station in my home office at Worcester.  Minimal in the sense that I didn't want to fill up the office with ham equipment so only a FT100D and an HT is visible.

The pictures below should give you a tour of the station, W3ASA/Worcester:

Yours truly

FT100D, HT, with PS mounted under desk against file cabinet

Hardly visible to the neighbors!

Close up of the SGC 230 auto tuner to ~150' center fed dipole with 450 ohm ladder line

~150' center fed dipole between Lori's oak and the North Hammock tree