2002 Deer Hunt

Here are some photos of Opening day deer hunt for the 2002 season.  Total of 5 Buck and 1 doe for 9 Hunters.

Bill got the first buck after I missed mine.  I liked this shot cause my 8 point is on the scale cause I didn't miss the second chance I got.

Getting this 125 lb 8 point after hearing Bill shoot sure took the pressure off!

Jeff's 9 point, which tipped the scale at 145 lbs,  gave the Moore family a 3 for 3!


After a couple of dry years John checks out the rump roasts!

Kent's 8 point buck rounded out the morning's activities!

Group shot with the Morning take. 

And off to the butcher in Jim's meat wagon ('96 dodge Van)

Tuesday Morning and Jeff and Jim bring in Steve's deer shot at 4PM Monday.  Steve tracked this 6 pt over a 1000 yards to where it crossed Marsh road.  With the help of Steve Christiansen, a neighbor, we tracked it down in his back yard the next day!

Kirk Ewing braves the 18 temps and wind to bag this 8 pt on Tuesday morning