Colorado 750

July 28, 2001 to August 4, 2001

After a successful odyssey to Colorado in 1998 our intrepid guide, Richard Colahan, had a vision.  That is he looked at  lots of maps, read, and web surfed for the better part of a year.  As a result of this research he came up with a master plan that would guarantee much more single track and fun two track riding with out all the road work. The unique thing about this trip was that our guide had NEVER ridden about 80% of the planned itinerary!  

In order to spread the blame for any unexpected departures form the vision  Richard appointed an assistant guide, Jamie Wright to lead the A Team which included brother Pete, Mickey Pollock and son Brian.  The B team consisted of the senior Wright, Gordon Fluke, Steve Hunter, and Craig Bear (B&B entrepreneur ).  This team was ably led by Richard and son Michael.  Well actually Michael followed Dad except for one incident were he led the charge to Napoleon pass on Day 3.  This route was wisely aborted due to rain making a challenging run somewhat less than fun.  We all had a lesson in communications that day!  

The B team eventually split into Father and Son (RC and Michael) and the "Two Trackers".  The later team was ably led by your web master, Jim Moore (aka Mud).  So well so that someone on the team stole his GPS receiver!

On Wednesday we received the sad news that Charlie Sinkler had died.  Charlie was one of us and, had his health been better, would have been here.  On Wednesday we rode for Charlie and dedicate this trip to him.

We will miss you Charlie! Godspeed!

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