Some pictures from Les Grands Montets and Le Montenuers RR

Top of the Lognan lift looking down to where we start the run down the Argentière

Don't think we are going to ski down here!

Entering the Glacier d'Argentière

Lunch on the deck at Contamines

Anne, Joan, Janet, and Olivier (guide)

Snows have finally arrived so we take a day off to do the Aiguille du Midi but hi winds have closed the lift so we do the Montenuer cog RR instead

Going to the hotel and a good lunch place

With a stop at the natural history musee - good illustration of why there are no pheasants at Marshlands!

These are the ice caves we are going down to visit.  Note the caves from prior years which have to get cut out each year as the glacier moves down slope about 100m/yr


Entrance to the ice cave.  That ice is about 1000 years old!

A bunch of old timers hanging out at the glacier

Anne Moore at Lunch


Joan eating lunch

Another patron we met

and her big brother.


Friday we do a trip up the Aiguille du Midi without skis

The big picture of the Aiguille du Midi cable car system

Technical details

and the control room

Climbing up to the observation deck


Aiguille du Midi at sunrise