Day 4 - Wednesday

Today we moved our base of operations from Salida to Johnson City (not really a city!) just south of Buena Vista in preparation for our two night stay in Crested Butte. This meant carrying in our back packs what we would need in the way of tools and clothing for the next three days.  Of course staying in the Old Town Lodge in CB meant we didn't need to haul sleeping bags and tents!   

Unloading in preparation for the ride to Aspen and then Crested Butte where we will stay till Friday.  Note the trailer, dubbed the AlumaLux, was built in the '50's by Mayor Pollack Steel Corp. Mickey's father used it haul his extensive collection of antique cars.

Peter is ready to go but a helmet would be advisable!

With "The Sound of Music" echoing in his ears Jamie attempts a ballet at the top of Cottonwood Pass.

And then Steve joins the act!

Looking at the backside of Ajax (Aspen's original ski mountain) from Taylor pass.

Heading towards Aspen on Richmond Hill Rd.

Contrast this kind of riding with what we would face after lunch on Peal Pass!

"The Sound of Music"?  Actually the Timberline trail overlooking Mirror lake is the place we think the movie must have been filmed.

Yes, its going to rain but not till we get out on the road after lunch in Aspen.

I think they must ski here in the winter.

But I think Aspen management would prefer we waited till winter to go down Walsh's!

Steve with Aspen town in the background.

We fit right in with the summer crowd at Aspen.  Yea, right!

But they did serve us lunch.  Would highly recommend this Bar & Grill right next to "Little Annie's"

Jamie is thinking about trading in his back pack for little Grady - he's much lighter!

On our way to Pearl Pass (12,705') and Crested Butte.  Fear of the unknown has begun to set in.  Our guide, Richard, has never been here before and he forgot to check snow conditions in the Pass.  But it is August isn't it?

Water but no snow - yet!

There's the snow but where did the road go!! Not to panic, after all this is a jeep trail per the map.

Ah, found the road but is the Pass open??

We made it. Pearl Pass was open.

Wonder why Crested Butte wasn't called Aspen?

A great ride and the rain stopped and the sun came out as we came into Crested Butte.